So you want to create the ultimate Porsche 911

At Woods 911 we specialize in upgrading classic Porsches whilst staying true to the original design.

For the ultimate driving machine, allow us to introduce...

Our Custom Classic Porsche Service


We restore classic Porsche vehicles to their original factory condition.


We work closely with our clients to create the exact look they're after.


We can add Porsche approved enhancements to improve comfort and performance.

A discreet, professional service...

What We Do

At Woods 911 we have a very special bespoke design service. We'll take a clients current classic Porsche (or we'll source one of your choice) and we strip the vehicle to bare metal. We then restore the vehicle to its original factory condition with modifications and upgrades as our client sees fit. We use all original Porsche parts and Porsche approved parts for modifications and upgrades. The result? - The ultimate driving machine! A beautiful classic Porsche with all the slick curves and wonderful design - alongside modern world class breaking, engine upgrades, steering enhancements and modern interior luxuries.

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20 years of experience doesn't lie

What Our Clients Say...

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Why Choose Us?

Simple. Woods 911 is deicated to (and fast becoming) the worlds best trader in classic Porsche vehicles. Our knowledge is second to none. Our passion for classic Porsche and in particular the 911 began 20 years ago and has grown ever since. We only deal in exceptional quality vehicles. Each car that leaves our premises is a message to the world about what we do. So nothing leaves the proud gates of the Woods 911 warehouse without being checked, double checked, triple checked and then taking in for checking! lol.

Our happy clients are our sales people. They speak to Porsche enthusiasts cross the world on our behalf. Our clients only make a final payment when they're completley happy with the vehicle. We want to share our passion with you and want Porsche to become the same woderful part of your soul as it is ours.


Get started on your custom Porsche now.

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. There is no time but now."